Nappa Dori offers you premium Westgarth Trunks that will make your journey pleasant and prestigious.

Inspired by the vintage but designed to suit the fashion, our canvas-covered Trunks will parry both your needs of storage and style.

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Westgarth Pro TrunkWestgarth Pro Trunk

Westgarth Pro Trunk

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AED. 1,800.00

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With the look of a large vintage trunk with a flat top, these Westgarth trunks make it simpler to handle and stack; these trunks were designed for extended journeys, specifically on steam trains and boats. Even now, a lot of people still use trunks for shipping and traveling, and many people also keep a large decorative storage trunk around the house to use as a storage box. You have an unequaled storage choice thanks to this handcrafted ... item made entirely of sheet metal and covered in heavy-grain canvas. The trunk's inside, lined with beige cotton twill and includes an elasticized pocket, is secured with chrome-finished locks and fittings. Additionally, these trunks feature a lot of interior depth for storing stuff both within and on top of them. These trunks are essentially functional, but they can also serve as a decorative element for your house.

As long as you reside in your home, clutter will probably accumulate if you don’t keep cleaning it. As a responsible adult in control of your environment, it is up to you to foresee this development and be ready to prevent the clutter from spreading. A method for doing this is to gather stuff and simply store them in these trunks whenever you might need them. The fact that these vintage trunk chests are available in classy earth tones like beige, navy blue, black, and maroon makes them a wonderful alternative for home design in addition to being great for storage. Utilizing a trunk as a coffee table is one method to decorate with one. We might as well go all out and add matching trunk side tables to be placed next to your chairs if you've already opted to add a trunk coffee table.

Considering their function as storage containers, these large vintage storage trunks can be used to keep a wide range of items, including books, dishes, and even unused clothing. Due to their ultra-modern design, these storage trunks are also excellent for storing shoes and look fantastic in bathrooms. Hence these trunks become incredible utilitarian for living spaces in professional as well as personal settings. These trunks can also be carried everywhere while traveling because they are quite strong, and offer longevity as well as durability with them. The heavy grain fabric straps attached to the metal sheet of the trunks are equally strong and don't break when moving from one area to another. They will be able to survive a little longer if you take care of them, making it a fantastic investment on your part. These trunks offer a lot of noteworthy qualities and versatile uses, making them a good investment that you won't regret buying.

We are able to use such a wide selection of vintage-style trunks to improve more people's lifestyles every day by doing extensive research on the most recent market trends. After all, it is this motivation that encourages us to curate products for both our online and physical stores that are of the finest caliber, delightfully traditional in style, and easily accessible to our clients. Simply browse the products in our online store and read the product description for all the information. After reading these descriptions, you may place an order by adding your favorite trunks to the shopping basket from anywhere in the world. We'll ensure your product arrives to you undamaged and in the same condition as when it was shown to the customers on the website. A visit to our offline store, on the other hand, will allow you to peruse our extensive selection of trunks physically.

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