Nappa Dori’s Steamer Trunks feature a traditional design with modern travel functions. Handcrafted from sheet metal with genuine leather straps, our Steamer Trunks invoke the classic era of sea voyages

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Many travelers find that selecting the ideal luggage for their trips can be challenging because it requires extensive study. We provide a wide selection of trunks that are accessible in a variety of colors and styles as a result of our quest for the finer details that distinguish a style as unique while maintaining high standards and excellence. Our steamer trunks are meticulously handcrafted by our artists using their knowledge, skill, ... and aesthetic abilities. Because of their exceptional quality, workmanship, innovation, beauty, and uniqueness, your metal trunk storage boxes will practically live with you throughout the years, absorbing all of your experiences and collecting the traces of the passage of time, giving them even more personality. Square or domed-shaped containers, these steamer trunks are used to carry our clothing and other items for travel.

Nappa Dori has a long history of making these steamer trunks that are individually constructed from sheet metal, powder coated in a variety of colors, and embellished with genuine leather straps and accents. The locks and hardware are finished in chrome. A pocket with elasticized closure is located inside the beige cotton twill lining. Assorted hues like khaki, smoke grey, pista green, ivory, biscuit, sky blue, etc. are also available. These carefully chosen color combinations are sophisticated and neutral in nature, complementing just about any ensemble. Even the dimensions of these steamer trunks were chosen with travel needs in mind, and as a result, they are pretty roomy for all of your possessions without being overly hefty, making it simpler for you to commute with the same.

Because we stay up to speed on the most recent trends and adapt our production techniques to satisfy client expectations, we are able to select the items that enhance the lives of the people who are connected to us. Even so, keeping up with trends does not imply abandoning our foundations or severing ties with our clients; rather, we work to ensure that our timeless designs effortlessly blend in with the elegance of the modern era. Our skilled craftsmen carefully work on the creation throughout the process to ensure the finished item combines practicality with beauty and can be utilized for personal and professional purposes.

Not only is the sheet metal of these vintage trunks strong, but the leather straps that are fastened to them are extremely resilient and, with regular maintenance, can survive nearly any form of wear and strain. This polished, premium sheet metal has a simple design and lacks any extraneous ornamentation. Additionally, they come in a complete package that combines function and attractiveness, making them a lucrative purchase for those who regularly travel which they will definitely not complain about later in the future.

Our large decorative trunks are recognized for being classic pieces that are quite handy and these magnificent items were made using opulent materials and distinctive color schemes, and you can get some of them right now by visiting our online store and choosing from our large range of products. We ensure that the parcel receives reliable protection throughout delivery and is delivered to our customers without interruption. Our distinguished team members do a thorough packing check even before it leaves our warehouse. Along with our online store, we also offer various offline locations across the nation where customers can make purchases after physically inspecting the goods and assessing their quality.

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