About Us

One of the most well-known contemporary design companies in India, Nappa Dori has won over the hearts of people all over the world with its meticulously chosen contemporary design and craftsmanship that upholds artisanal sensitivities and minimalism to perfectly merge design with utility.

Gautam Sinha, the founder and creative director of Nappa Dori, is the inspirational persona behind the brand.

He is also known for his innovative thinking, which has helped Nappa Dori expand from a single store in Delhi's Hauz Khas Village to over 20 countries. Though rooted in his Indian ancestry, Gautam's design philosophy is a synthesis of modern versions that adhere to globally appealing aesthetics. After spending the first several years of his work creating fashion accessories for a number of well-known high-street brands, he eventually determined his love for leather, which led to the creation of the Nappa Dori brand..

Inspired by simplicity and detail-oriented artistry, Nappa Dori is one of India's rising innovative scions and a tribute to a younger generation of Indian designers who are internationally aware of the upcoming preferences ahead that are truly world-class in quality and craftsmanship. He is a testament to the victory of Nappa Dori's diversified product line, including the popular Café Dori concept, which reveals gourmet renditions of his artistic sensibilities..

In addition to having flagship locations in India, the UAE, and the UK, Nappa Dori now sells its products online and through a number of renowned design retailers, including Fortnum & Mason, the Conran Shop, Selfridges along with its outlets in London, Dubai, Mumbai, and New Delhi.