Designed to revive the desire for writing, our “Stop Typing, Start Writing” series of Stationery will make you choose the traditional way of storytelling.

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Though stationery gives us a sense of nostalgia when we look back, we realize how significantly it has progressed over the last few years from boring office essentials to some truly beautiful and luxurious pieces. ... In a world where we are constantly connected with everyone but through digital means, stationery items allow us a real, tangible, tactile and old-school alternative. To add a contemporary flair to your desk area with a back-to-school hunch, we curate an original creation of stationery goods, which by the ingenuity of its design, goes one step further in convenience where it improves the workflow whilst looking elegant on the desk at the same time. Following our legacy of the most classic, utterly luxurious stationery, the assortment is constantly updated to keep up with the latest and greatest in design. Every angle of the collection celebrates the art of putting pen to paper, from its vibrant, whimsical designs to its seemingly endless effectiveness during utilization.

Since we strived to keep the timeless era of engraved and embossed paper goods alive, our contemporary standards are in evidence everywhere. To create a lasting impression on our clients, the care and quality craftsmanship that goes into each stationery item are apparent - they are incredibly sleek and ergonomic. During the manufacturing of our bespoke stationery in Dubai, we keep in mind to craft designs that are classic, modern and bordered, and the quality—thick and unrivalled, sturdy—excellent. Assembled by hand and quality checked by our phenomenal team of artisans, our premium quality leather used in our stationary goods makes them prevalent for flexibility and durability all across the globe. Processed in a way that its colour doesn’t fade easily, our genuine leather stationery goods are nuanced and neutral with a unique sense of elegance and sophistication that gives them a luxurious edge. Being able to maintain its aesthetic look through its in-built protection mechanism from damage from wearing or corroding, our exclusive collection of stationery items really proves that it’s really value for your money.

While many believe that new stationery gives a sense of new beginnings, hope and infinite potential. With a wide variety of choices available, we offer something for every user and every personality. For the ones who believe that the right notebook can help them conquer the world and that the crisp first page of a new notebook can open a world of possibilities allowing them to be the most creative self, we have a well-crafted range of notebooks with leather skinned covers in a plethora of colours. Any of the notebooks from our wide selection can be turned into a weekly planner that provides a space for scheduling future content and a structured, organized area for brainstorming new ideas. Other than this, these notebooks can be used for keeping records, a copy of their contacts, daily schedule and other important stuff on paper. Similarly, for the ones with the notion that the right pen and the right paper brought together can only result in brilliant and original ideas is a pretty strong motivator, we offer a myriad of pencil sets.

With such an eclectic collection of stationery items, one also needs to keep track of all these items and everything well arranged. Not only will it keep you organized, but also motivate you to get to work harder and faster — especially when you won't have to waste time digging through all the items to find what you need whether in a home office or at school. Making the process of organizing small stationery items straightforward, our leather organizer is an excellent way to make room in your workspace and keep supplies organized and within reach to keep a tidy workspace to up your productivity. Available in various colours and containing compartments, one can simply put paper clips, staples, writing utensils and papers. Besides notebooks, pencil sets and leather organizers, our extensive range of luxury stationery in Dubai also embodies bookmarks, pencil pouches, measuring tape, luggage tags, spectacle and passport cases, etc. which also aids the consumers away from their desks.

Keeping our clients rooted to their juvenescence by offering an inspired living through such arrays of available stationery online in UAE, exclusive designs, and timeless style. With a distinct lifestyle aesthetic, experiential store environment, and online community, we have been able to engage with our customers quite effectively. Such dedication from our end allows customers to shop with us for even more of the moments that matter in their lives. Not only has it helped us greet a humongous amount of customers at our stores but we are also able to welcome a large number of visitors online on a regular basis. Being able to witness such an upsurge in customers over the years encourages us to become a significant part of the lifestyles of even more people all over the world.

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