Handcrafted with the finest sheet metal and genuine leather details, Nappa Dori offers you the most exceptional and elegant cosmetics storage option with our premium Vanity Case.

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AED. 1,110.00

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Vanity trunks are absolutely necessary cosmetic accessories that not only provide you with the best storage capacity but also enhance the appearance of your wardrobe or cabinet. Finding your preferred lipstick hue might be time-consuming when you're in a rush. As a result, it becomes crucial to keep all of your glosses, lip balms, and mascaras in one location, and a vanity box is a perfect solution. ... We have brought a variety of antique chest boxes to life and offer collections that are so unique thanks to their complex design. Entirely handmade with genuine leather straps and accents on sheet metal that has been powder coated. Three cosmetics storage compartments and a vertical mirror with a feminine touch are included in the interior portion. The case comes with a shoulder strap and chrome-finished hardware that may be used to secure it.

Our trunks honor the depth of the classics and let people reconnect with their Indian heritage. Trunks have changed significantly over time, as has the way they are used today. Originally used to display personal items in bulky boxes, vintage trunk chest storage boxes are now all about bringing royal pomp and opulence to our Indian festivals. You don't have to put your belongings in ordinary containers or commonly seen molded baggage when you're getting married. Our trunks are unique in the entire globe; they are exquisitely handcrafted to perfection. These eclectic trunks are the most stylish and luxurious way to transport your most prized possessions, including clothes, gifts, and personal items, to your new home after your wedding. These trunks will complement the aesthetics of your wedding because the designs have a timeless quality with a modern touch.

Available in a wide range of neutral and colorful hues, including peach, white, yellow, pista green, pink, biscuit, green, and red, among others. These trunks can be utilized for everyday purposes, weddings, and business purposes because they come in so many different colors. These trunks can be used by men as well as women to store accessories and jewelry, including makeup and other personal items. These trunks are highly robust and do not wear out for a very long time because they were made using some of the finest materials. Particularly if you take good care of these trunks, you won't have any complaints about them and they will remain with you for many years. Additionally, these trunks constitute an absolute package and are well worth the money you are willing to spend because of their versatility and wonderful appeal. We have discovered over time that these storage trunks are treasured in a variety of settings that attest to our iconic status, our brilliance, and ageless work.

By conducting in-depth research on the most recent market trends, we are able to improve more and more people's lifestyles every day with such a large hand-picked collection of trunks. This is after all that motivates us to produce antique trunk boxes with flawless craftsmanship and marvelously timeless aesthetics that are also easily accessible to our customers in both our online and physical stores. You may simply browse the products on our online store and look up all the details in the product description. After reading these descriptions, you may place your order from any location in the world by adding your chosen trunks to the shopping cart. We will make sure that your product is delivered to you undamaged and in the same state as when it was displayed on the website. On the other hand, you can also physically view our wide range of trunks by visiting our offline store in the UAE and numerous other gulf nations.

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