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The Dori Chronicle is a publication that celebrates design and craftsmanship and is agnostic to media or market. Whether it’s culinary genius, artisanal expressions or imaginative collaborations, this tabloid is literally a tableau of our worldviews, from the things we love to the things we do. Our aim behind this publication is to ignite a conversation in modern society that eventually leads to a meaningful dialogue amongst the aesthetes at heart.



Our philosophy is simple, we believe in our signature design aesthetic and craft producs that we would feel proud of and glad to use ourselves. The modern world of consumerism has converted design into a commodity; with brands churning out new designs and collections to keep pace with rapid trends. At Nappa Dori, we believe design holds a higher purpose and should be a metaphor for positive change, elation and evolution of the world we inhabit. Design is transformative in nature and changes perspectives, and at Nappa Dori we are obsessive about taking those age-old techniques and reviving them to modern day lifestyles. We are in no rush but we’re never standing still. Read More


The Nappa Dori Warehouse is located in Chhattarpur area of New Delhi, India. It is the epitome of our brand, and somewhat fittingly, a place that started as an experiment. To most, it was just a derelict mill that wasn’t worth a second glance, but to Gautam, it was the ideal setting for our flagship location, a compendium of surrealist elements - trusses, three gargantuan pillars, a rolling shutter-door and of course, raw, unfinished walls. Even the floors were stripped, so there was a lot to do!