Explore the world with the best carry-on luggage designed to accompany you on your overnight adventures as well as your weeklong stays. Nappa Dori’s Travel Equipment offers you a collection of lightweight travel suitcases to help you float through the airport effortlessly.



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Since the trends and travellers' needs have changed throughout the years, so has our luggage. Modern upgrades such as 360-degree spinner wheels, expandable zippers, and interior organizational pockets have made packing easier,... travelling through airports easier, and navigating city streets easier. We, at Nappa Dori, make your adventures as calm and hassle-free as possible with our plenty of sleek luggage which is also a “portable wardrobe” for your exciting adventure.
Keeping the vintage style in mind with all the perks of modern luggage, we offer a luxurious new way in a wide variety of styles, colours and materials to assist you in organizing your belongings in order to maximize your space.

For years, we conform to the demands of the moment and the evolutionary trend of travel and lifestyle in order not to lose the taste of modernity. Our assortment in design and the high quality of the products have contributed to concrete growth in our clientele.
In addition to being aesthetically pleasing to the eye and to the touch, they are also extremely functional and respectful of the most particular needs of the traveller.
Well-curated by a set of acclaimed craftsmen featuring high-quality materials, detailed hardware and a comfortable and practical grip, our perfect luggage fit is able to withstand the roughness of travel.
These craftsmen make sure about the accurate number and placement of pockets and cross straps, high-security locks, structural metal corners and efficiency in wheel rotation.

While our luggage embodies strong, durable handles that will withstand the weight of the belongings, these top and side three-stage telescopic handles make manoeuvring luggage much easier, especially when needed to be lifted to place it overhead on the plane or other transportation.
Similarly, the four self-aligning spinner wheels also accumulate plenty of praise as they stand upright and are easier to pull sideways on a plane without causing inconvenience to other passengers as you find your seat.
Even the roomy interior is also chock-full of expandable capacities and other noteworthy features, including multiple compartments, dividers and mesh pockets to keep your belongings organized.
Furthermore, the luggage also comprises TSA-approved combination locks, to prevent people from breaking into your bag. Securing your belongings is a priority for all travellers, and this is the primary purpose that our luggage fulfils.
Hence, our choice of unique and long-lasting raw materials speaks of extreme accuracy in the details and in the functionality of the tools. With the creation from the composition of such efficient elements, our elegant pieces of luggage come with luxurious details that combine style and functionality, making packing a breeze and that meets your individual needs.

Presenting some completely unique and special innovations, both hard-shell bags and soft-sided luggage are durable in different ways. Our hard-shell luggage boasts a sturdy exterior as the materials used range from the most commonly selected and quality leather to contemporary technological fabrics that are waterproof and tear-resistant.
The shades are applied by hand and the details are embellished and protected with a tanning treatment that improves the resistance of the leather that covers bags and trolleys, protecting these same parts from water and wear.
Being a true innovation that we can certainly define as one of a kind offering protection and style, such luggage becomes the most convenient travel option and an excellent investment, especially if one is always in transit.
Since it's worth the investment with its timeless and sophisticated appeal, this luggage can be used for both personal as well as professional purposes. One can easily carry it along on a trip with family or friends and it can also be accompanied on a business trip.

Due to such multifunctionality, durability, and minimalism available in our products, our elegant luggage has become a part of the adventures of diversified groups of people. With each passing day, we are able to transform the travel experiences and lifestyles of more and more people.
Not only does it motivate us to curate luggage with extremely thoughtful design and pristine construction but also to make it easily accessible to our customers on our online as well as offline store.
You can easily scroll through the products on our online store and check the product description for all the details. On the other hand, you can also visit our offline store in Dubai where you can access our wide range of luggage with a physical touch.

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