Classic in design but modern in function, Nappa Dori’s exclusive collection of backpacks will fulfil all your stylish needs when you’re on the move.

With a design that blends function and sophistication, we offer you quintessential backpacks in genuine leather and other exquisite fabrics for your daily commute.

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Just like your reliable, dependable companion, a decent backpack is one that you can depend on for anything and is always there for you when you need them. Whatever your occupation—student, athlete, entrepreneur, traveler, ... and more—a backpack immensely simplifies your work.
While they can be used for numerous purposes, a variety of objects including laptops, books or textbooks, work supplies, and even a change of clothes for the gym can all be stored safely and securely in these backpacks.
Keeping these things in mind, we, at Nappa Dori have curated an exquisite range of leather backpacks that provide interior arrangement solutions to separate your collection of belongings.
In addition to being necessary for work, school, college days, and trekking, these backpacks also make a fashion statement, thanks to their wide-ranging sizes, styles, colors, prints, and patterns.

These backpacks allow you to sort, organize, and carry everything you need, and they also have two padded, soft shoulder straps that help you spread the weight more uniformly across your shoulders and back.
As a result, they are comfortable being carried out for extended periods of time because even when fully loaded, these bags fit comfortably on your back without seeming excessively heavy or bulky.
With such incorporation of functionality and fashion quotient in our bags, our extensive collection of designer backpacks comes in timeless hues that will undoubtedly liven up your daily routine. Our chosen selection of colors includes black, brown, and tan, bringing them an air of sophistication and elegance, making them the ideal choice for both personal and professional usage.
Adding to its uniqueness, as leather is a natural, organic material, its texture and qualities will continue to evolve with exposure and utilization, making each bag exquisitely distinct.

In contrast to other just-in-trend bags, leather bags are durable and can last for over a decade with proper handling and maintenance.
Since it's simple for robbers and snatchers to take away the objects in your hand, particularly if you're carrying those with a slack grip, these bags provide an additional layer of protection and security for your belongings. Our durable leather backpacks are also ideal for cross-country traveling and journeys, as they protect your possessions even from humid and bad weather conditions.
Additionally, no matter how many streams you cross or what amount of rain you push through, your belongings are dry, secure, and protected in your convenient travel backpack.
Due to such flexibility involved in these bags, they are also quite easier to clean. All you need to do is simply wipe the stain with a soft, moist towel to clean it, and for anything that appears to be a little more obstinate, you can easily clean it with warm water.

Even carrying hefty weights does not stress leather material due to which the durability of these bags can be used to our advantage, making this creation both versatile and elegant. In addition, leather is a timeless classic that never goes out of trend, making it a worthwhile investment for a wise shopper.
Having invested in a genuine, top-grain leather backpack would very well end up saving you money in the long term. Or else, you'd have to keep replacing your bag of lower quality every few years, which would be far more costly in the long run.
After all, the full-grain leather used in our bags is the highest grade leather available which is the least processed and least likely to tear, leaving you with robust and magnificent leather that will maintain its appearance even after extensive use.
Even our collection of laptop backpacks are also quite sturdy that can easily carry your precious gadgets without any hassle are also guarantees their security. Basically, our backpacks of every category are one of the best purchases you can make while putting your money on something valuable.

If you are looking for unique backpacks in UAE with a simple and iconic aesthetic as well as a sophisticated and practical interior, you can get a variety of handcrafted leather backpacks at both our online store and walk-in stores.
While the trends keep evolving along with the customer demands at a quite rapid pace, we make sure to conduct proper research before the curation of the products and meet the requirements of our customers in a more effective manner.
Similarly, just like our team of research and development experts, our logistics professionals are equally proficient in their own departments. Hence, they ensure that the products are delivered to the homes of our online customers in a timely manner and most importantly, in a similar condition that is shown to you on the website. With efficient packaging of all the products, we make sure that they do not get affected by any external factors and remain free of any damages.

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