Choose from an exclusive range of Nappa Dori serving trays that are meticulously crafted by hand.

Powder-coated metal sheet and floored with vinyl water-resistant material, we aim to offer you a simple but savvy way to upgrade your lifestyle.

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Covering a major part of our extensive collection, these trays are one of the most crucial kitchen tools and have a significant impact. Nothing, after all, makes food to be displayed more appealing or well-organized than serving trays. One of the serving tray's most significant benefits is the ease with which food is carried. After spending several hours in the kitchen, you may need more energy to carry all the food and drink ... for your guests in rounds from the kitchen to the dining table. Using a serving tray, you may effortlessly transport several foods and drinks to the table at once and excel at serving and presentation. Everything can be placed on serving trays, whether it be food, beverages, sweets, fruits, or everything in between. Another advantage of utilizing a wooden serving tray is how elegant and sophisticated they appear. The kitchen has a very wonderful appearance, thanks to the imaginative and artistic design of the wooden tray, which also enhances the beauty of your gathering.

You may use these serving platters as an organizer and use them as a dining or kitchen table by keeping all of your essential objects on it and using the tray to access them whenever you need them. This will enable you to maintain a clear and uncluttered bedroom. In addition to the necessities, you can also store a vase with a picture frame, which will result in a very elegant and beautifully decorated table in your living room. In order to maintain your kitchen livelily and bright, you can also use it as a decorative feature to display individual memories, frames, tiny pots, and flowers. You can also have a lot of coffee table books laying around your home if you work close to the workplace. Stack your favorite books in a tray to display them and provide organization to a coffee table. If you lack a coffee table, use your tray to make a flat surface on your ottoman or sofa where you may place a glass, a remote, or other objects.

Our patent tray sets are functional home decor that can be used for serving, presenting, storing, or simply decorating. They are made with contrasting interiors and dark brown faux leather on the exterior. We also offer a different assortment of trays made of powder-coated sheet metal that is lined with water-resistant vinyl flooring and has handles made of genuine leather for a secure grip. You can count on it to serve you for a long time as long as you take good care of it. Our wooden trays are strong, can handle the heat, and don't crack easily like other plastic trays, making them perfect tableware. These trays are fairly simple to keep, so if your wooden tray ever gets any stains, you can easily remove them by wiping the surface with a dry cloth.

From subtle to vibrant, these leather covers of trays are available in a myriad of color options. In our range of neutral or light-toned hues, these trays are available in pista green, ivory, khaki, peach, olive, sage, etc. which provides a relaxing mood to the people surrounded by it. On the other hand, our vibrant hues collection includes pink, red, maroon, yellow, blue, orange, green, and many more which exudes a sense of positivity among the people.

All these trays are available in square and rectangular shapes which makes them quite spacious to store or transport more items. These trays with varieties of geometric shapes and elegant colors are considered to be ideal for modern spaces. So these decorative trays have a sleek, elegant appearance, are quite practical, and also add to the concept and décor of your home. It would be a considerate move on your part to invest in these trays, which will help you serve your visitors for years to come since they wind up being the ultimate package for your homeware collection.

We have improved over the years in our ability to comprehend customer wants and align ourselves with market trends, enabling us to manufacture both beautiful and worthwhile things. We provide these trays for decoration and offer them in our online store along with their images and product information so that customers may purchase them easily. Any time of day, you can place an order by browsing our famous collection of goods and choosing the ones that best suit your needs. Additionally, you can visit one of our offline stores, which are located around many different countries, and physically access all of our products there. In our real stores, you can touch and feel the quality of our products, and you can only buy something there if you're satisfied. Because of this, even if you buy something online, we make sure it has all the same characteristics and gets to you without any problems.

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